Welcome Letter

Welcome to our web site, and thank you for taking the time to learn about The Power of 5 Movement, initiated by the Tzu Chi Foundation.

Along with every other Tzu Chi volunteer everywhere, I hope you will always be rich in mind and heart, using love to inspire love, and kindness to inspire kindness.

We are privileged to collect donations for those in need: the victim of a natural disaster, a homeless person who hasn’t had a hot meal all week, or a child whose family can’t afford to buy them a book.

Thanks to such selfless acts of love and joyful persistence by over ten million volunteers and supporters around the world, every penny donated will go to disaster victims when they need it the most. We consider what we do one step in a rebuilding process, rather than a single forgettable act of caring. This helps people become self-sufficient and cultivate good behavior, so they can develop good character and help others in turn.

Harvard Business School recently acknowledged the effectiveness of Tzu Chi’s organization and programs by inviting our spokesman to share a case study with some graduate students. Our efficiency is the direct result of every Tzu Chi volunteer’s devotion to every sentient being. In this we follow the extraordinary example of our founder and leader, Dharma Master Cheng Yen.

We will share stories about volunteers, and about neighbors from near or far whom we are honored to serve. Many stories will reflect the importance of the human values of Gratitude, Respect and Love.

Master Cheng Yen has said about Gratitude: “Be grateful to your parents and to all sentient beings, every day. In everything you do, never disappoint them.”

Concerning Respect she has said “We begin to slacken the minute we find excuses for ourselves.”

And regarding love she has written, “The ability to love is a blessing. The ability to eliminate afflictions is wisdom.”

As our web site grows, you will discover many opportunities to join us in joyful acts of service. We’re certain you will find some way to work alongside us to make a real difference in the world. Thank you again for your interest in The Power of 5 Movement and Tzu Chi Foundation.

William Keh
CEO of Tzu Chi Foundation, USA